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The 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques

The 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques ― BooksCaterer, Online India Books Store
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Product code (SKU):  0230634907
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The 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques
How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy

All the advice you'll ever need to stay organised and in action!

Read the book from start to finish or zero in on specific areas for improvement. Tweak your current system or design something totally new. There's something here to help everyone succeed.

You'll learn:

• Where your time really goes (not where you think it goes)
• 5 easy ways to get out from under all your stuff
• How to immediately build strong self-discipline
• Why procrastination isn't always bad
• The 10 biggest time wasters and what to do about them

If you're ready to create better results in your life, grab a copy of this book and get started.

Author: Pamela Dodd & Doug Sundheim
ISBN: 0230634907

Publication: Macmillan
Pages: 134
Price: Rs.198/-

About The Author:

Pamela Dodd is an organizational psychologist with leadership with development experience in a Fortune 500 company. She has also been learning organization field editor for the American Society for Training and Development.

Doug Sundheim is an executive coach with a background in business development advertising and consulting industries. An entrepreneur at heart, he started a 100-person catering service before he was 21.

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