Eminent Historians

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Eminent Historians

Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud

By Arun Shourie

Tarnish Every Person, Institution, Period From Which People May Derive Pride, Confidence / Ascribe Tolerance, Magnanimity To The Intolerant/ Portray The Inclusive, Open Tradition As The One Out To Swallow Others, And The Exclusivist, Totalitarian Ideology As The Ideology Of Board-Mindedness, Of Place, Tolerance/Denounce As ‘Communal’ Anyone Who Demands Proof/Blame Victims For The Oppressors/ Suppress The Role Of Comrades In Aiding Imperial Rulers/Tarnish Leaders, Reformers Who Led The National Movements, Hog Patronage, Exercise Power, And Have A Good Time………..

The noted controversial writer investigates the ways of so-called eminent historians. He argues that such people have captured institutions, dominated discourse. He also shows up their line and their fraud. He also suggests what should be done. Can you walk off with six lakh seventy five thousand and not submit a thing in return? The eminent historian can. Can you promise to produce six volumes on Economic History, get a governmental institution to disburse the dough, produce nothing; have the project disappear from the radar-screen, and just a while later get the same institution to fork out another nineteen lakhs and still produce nothing. Eminent historian can. Can you steal the work of a distinguished authority, get a PhD on it, publish it as your own and all the while keep in your office a photograph of your presenting that stolen book to the President of India? An eminent historian can. These and many such other examples - often provocative - form the center stage of the investigation undertaken by the author to expose those who pass off as eminent historians.

About the Author : Arun Shourie, among India?s best known commentators on current and political affairs, backs his distinctive writing, his conscientiously independent perspectrive with rigorous analysis and meticulous research. Born in Jalandhar in 1941, he studied at Modern School and St. Stephen?s College in Delhi, and obtained his doctorate in Economics from the University of Syracuse, USA. He has been an economist with the World Bank, a consultant to the Planning Commission and Editor of The Indian Express. His writings have gained him a vast following across the country, as well as several national and international honours. Among these are the Padma Bhushan, the Magsaysay Award, the Dadabhai Naoroji Award, the Astor Award, the K.S. Hegde Award and the International Editor of the Year Award. The Federation of Indian Publishers recently conferred The Freedom to Publish Award on him. At present Arun Shourie is a member of the Rajya Sabha.

He has been an economist with the World Bank and a consultant to the Planning Commission, and Editor of the Indian Express. His writings have gained him a vast following across the country, as well as several national and international honors.

To mark its 50th year, The International Press Institute has acclaimed fifty persons as Heroes of World Press freedom - as persons whose work has made a difference for the press across the World in the last half century, Arun Shourie is one of them.

Author: Arun Sourie

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