Chemistry of Natural Products

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Chemistry of Natural Products

Amino Acids, Peptides Proteins and Enzymes

By V K Ahluwalia, Lalita S Kumar, Sanjiv Kumar

This book is designed for the undergraduate (Pass and Honours) and postgraduate students of Chemistry. The content, in adequate details is presented in a lucid language and is well illustrated. It would be equally useful to the learners in interdisciplinary areas like Biochemistry and Biotechnology etc.

Contents :

Chapter 1 : Amino Acids: Introduction. Nomenclature of Amino acids, Classification of Amino acids, Stereochemical aspects of Ą- Amino acids, Physical properties of Ą-Amino acids, Chemical reactions of Amino acids, Industrial preparation of Ą- amino acids, Chemical synthesis of Ą-Amino acids, Industrial applications of Ą-Amino acids,

Chapter 2 : Peptides : Introduction, Structure and Classification of Peptides, Nomenclature of Peptides, Peptide Synthesis, Solid phase Peptide Synthesis, Some Biologically important Peptides,

Chapter 3: Proteins : Introduction, Classification of Proteins, Properties of Proteins, Structural organisation of Proteins,

Chapter 4: Enzymes : Introduction, Nomenclature and Classification of Enzymes, Characteristics of Enzymes, Mechanism of Enzyme action, Factors affecting Enzyme action, Chymotrypsin: an Enzyme in action, Cofactors (or coenzymes), Enzymes in Organic synthesis,

About The Authors:

V.K.Ahluwalia is visiting professor at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi . He has been teaching graduate and postgraduate classes for over thirty years and has delivered a number of invited lectures in India and abroad. He has published a large number of papers and is author of a number of books like, Organic Reaction Mechanism, Green Chemistry and Organic Synthesis (Special techniques).

Lalita. S. Kumar did her Ph D from University of Delhi in the year 1987 in the area of Synthetic Organic Chemistry. She has five publications to her Cdit. She is working as Reader at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi . She has been associated with design, development and maintenance of distance teaching material for over sixteen years. Her areas of interest are Biochemistry, Organic Reaction Mechanism and Environmental Chemistry.

Sanjiv Kumar did his Ph D from University of Delhi in the year 1990 in the area of Biophysical Chemistry for which he worked on interaction of peptides and proteins with nuclear acids. He is working as Reader at Deshbandhu College , University of Delhi and has a teaching experience of over sixteen years. His areas of interest are Biochemistry, Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry.

Author: V K Ahluwalia, Lalita S Kumar, Sanjiv Kumar

ISBN: 8180520897

Pages: 268

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Author V K Ahluwalia
Publisher Ane
Page count 268

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